A * for Clumsy Kat

Today I treated myself to a new mortar and pestle (my other one became suicidal and decided to leap out of my arms and smash into tiny little pieces leaving my wooden floor rather bruised and holy) my excitement must of been too much for me as all of a sudden my legs gave way. Needless to say I came out of a&e 4 hours later with a giant wrist and thumb splint and a fractured wrist…. But I still persevered and crushed some egg shells with my shiny new toy!! Yaaaay!! (Well… You know your getting old when your excited to get a new kitchen appliance!!!)

I hope you all had a better day than I did and got through the day unscathed by all the forces of mother nature in action!!!

Many bright blessings and sending lots of love ( and protection) to you all




Fear of Conception – The Death of the Feminine Divine

Absolutely amazing piece!! Me and my partner don’t use any form of contraception anymore, we used to, and now I am petrified that the artificial hormones have screwed me up completely. Why did we have to lose our sacred ability to know when the time was right (or wrong) to make love? Our inner goddess needs to come back fighting stronger than ever ladies!!! Lots of love and light to you all. X

Consciousness Around the Kitchen Table

Mother%20GoddessThe other day, this message showed up in one of the Facebook feeds, and I had a profoundly intense connection with the ideas in it. In my exploration of the Triple Goddess motif, I cannot help but acknowledge that the fear of pregnancy dominated most of my reproductive life, and the grief I felt when I was no longer able to conceive was more profound than I expected.

“The Hidden Collective Feminine Grief

There is such a deep grief in the collective Feminine that we have lost full Communion with our Lunar cycles and Wisdom – and with that disconnection, have also lost the natural gift of Conscious Conception. In our Original Blueprint women had the choice in full consciousness to conceive a baby or not, and could communicate this to the intelligence centre of their ovaries and Womb. No baby was ever meant to enter this world unexpectedly. No…

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Well, what a couple of bloody horrible days its been. Have felt the worst I have in a long, long time. But I suppose that’s what you get when you work with money all day long. Silly customers haha. Feeling a lot better now though, a nice stroll through the woods on a sunny day like today cures all ailments. And the fact I have been looking after a 5 day old baby all day makes it all the more better too, the little cutie only weighs 5lbs!!!! So yeah not much else going on with me, what a boring life I do lead ha. Well just dropping in, quickly letting you all know I haven’t died,,, well not far off anyway. Bright blessings to you all, and a beautiful couple of days it has been for celebrating Beltane! Much love and light and I will be back soon. Xxx


Aunt Flo? No thanks, ill pass.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love being a woman, infact it empowers me and I believe my other half will agree with me on that one. I love being a woman with all my heart but as soon as Aunt Flo decides she wants to rear her ugly head, that’s it. I want to make like gollum and retreat into my cave until the whole horrible ordeal is over. Womanly cycles amaze me, the way they are influenced by lunar activity and many women’s menses sync, just a tiny blip of evidence to show Mother Nature really is out there working her magic, but just a little bit of a niggle, maybe she could make it less of a week from hell and more of a minute thing that lasts a couple of minutes and doesn’t turn me into the hulk? Just a little thing to think about Mother Nature, I mean, what sort of creature bleeds constantly for 7 days and doesn’t die? Sending Lots of love and light to you all whilst I’m drinking cocoa hugging the hot water bottle. Blessed be!! Xxx


A small world after all

So, there was me thinking there weren’t many wiccans in and around where I live. Well wasn’t I wrong. Starting talking to a woman today as I was posting her parcels ( I work in a post office) and apparently her and her very large family are into the old ways too. What a small world it turns out to be eh?!


First tincture

So apart from costing more than what i would expect for a bottle of vodka, big enough to make at least 2 tinctures, the whole process has actually been quite rewarding. I have never done anything like this before, seen as my mother didn’t agree with the whole ‘practicing wiccan daughter’ thing, so as soon as i moved in with my very accepting and understanding Fiance, It was one of the first things i baught, Vodka and alot of Herbs.

I waited two weeks from creating the Sage tincture to filtering it, but my goddess does it smell gorgeous!!! I now have my very own herbal TCP 😉


As you can most probably tell, I am new to the whole blogging thing, but i want to get in touch with the wiccan community because it seems there is not much of a wiccan feel in Doncaster, South Yorkshire haha.


well anyway, i am hoping to be updating my blog every day (or at least every other day) but for now i hope you have a great couple of days


Seasons Blessings (nearly Beltan guys!!)


Bless it be!! xxxx